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At Business-Funding-Insider.com we have been actively involved in private equity financing and M&A as screeners and evaluators. We also have been intermediaries between parties in many transactions.

This site was created to enhance the quality of business funding presentations. Whether it was born out of frustration, or just to lend a helping hand does not matter. We don't intend to re-invent the wheel. We only aim to give you some good advice and tips that may prevent you from making costly mistakes or wasting your time.

What matters is that you’re looking for business money, business funding, entrepreneur funding, start up funding or funding for an established or mature business (expansion funding). You may even look for small business grants.

99% of business funding applications are made by people whose job is NOT to communicate with investors or financial decision makers. There is a serious lack of ‘experience’ and know-how.

Being at the center of business financing, we decided to put out some good information to make a difference in that field, and also to pick up some extra business along the way by virtue of our expertise. See 'Business Funding, Our Services'.

The reality is…

Imagine yourself sitting at your desk and sifting through hundreds of business plans every week. You would need to pick the ones that appeal to you; the ones that make an impression. You would eliminate the bulk of them based on a set of rules and standards. Major mistakes would pop up repeatedly, and before even taking a closer look, you would simply delete those presentations from your computer or throw them in the garbage bin.

We have seen thousands of business plans, most of which had ‘delete’ written all over them.

Many entrepreneurs, often with genuine business skills, have absolutely no idea how to raise funds for their business concepts. The common denominator is: “Can’t you see what I’ve got? This will revolutionize business in my sector, just give me the money.”

However, there are no secrets when it comes to business funding. It’s all common sense. Follow the right steps, do and say the right things, and you will make it all the way.

Please remember you can’t be an expert in every aspect of business. When it comes to business presentations, we have some recommendations that will definitely make a difference. Or you may want to work with an expert. An expert needs to add on to the ultimate goal, and do that in a much better way than you ever could have done yourself. Money spent on an expert should add multiple benefits.

Multiple pathways, identical approaches

It is not important whether you are applying for a grant or a business loan from your local bank, or if you are aiming to deal with a venture capital business group. Every business funding presentation follows the same logic and structure.

Presenting the right way: a solid business plan or a clear presentation will do the job!

There is no need to re-invent the wheel, or in this case, the investment proposal. Trying to be a ‘smart-aleck’ or being overly creative to catch the attention is not the way to start talking to potential investors.

The business world has its rules and expectations. A good business plan is like a 'suit and tie' approach: "if you don't wear it... you won't get in.

Do not underestimate the power of a good business plan, and do not think that you won’t need it. First of all, you, yourself, are the very first person who needs it. Going through the process of creating it is what you need to get clear on your own business, whether you do it all by yourself, or you have someone helping you.

Our motto over the years has been: “Get clear for yourself, then let the world know what you’ve got!” Getting your business proposals out the right way and to the right audience is crucial.

Where do I find the right investor?

An up-to-date database is a requirement

When choosing a database, it is crucial that you make sure that it has been kept up professionally. Maintaining a database is a time consuming task (Link to ‘Our database, a never-ending work of maintenance)’.

And in order to reach your targeted investors, the database needs to have personal contact information of individuals, not just companies and ‘info’ email addresses.

At Business-Funding-Insider.com we have the database put together with German accuracy and sense for detail.

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