Crowdfunding campaign: The Fedora

by Gerald Castaneda
(Bakersfield, Ca.)

Here in my hometown of Bakersfield, California, there are plenty of men’s fashion stores that sell hats. If you are shopping around the city and you want to find a suit with a matching hat, you can definitely find one. The one thing we lack, however, is a store that specializes in fedora hats. Fedora hats are a passion of mine, and after talking with a local business owner, I have decided to open my own, one-of-a-kind fedora hat store.
There are four major phases in which I am implementing this new idea: first, research; second, obtain the licenses and permits; third, network with high-quality fedora hat suppliers; fourth, locate a storefront with a high volume of traffic. I am currently on the fourth stage, and I am just about to move into the final stage, gathering the start-up capital that will cover all my initial costs.
This is where you come in, friends. I am turning to you for help raising $10,000. These funds will cover the costs of financing my dream and bringing Triple J’s Fedora Hat Store to life in Bakersfield.
At this point, all contributions will help as will keep you updated on the progress leading to the opening of Triple J's.
I appreciate your support and time, and I thank you sincerely.

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