Crowdfunding: NAVIA - The Online Bodyguard (A portable premium WiFi Security Solution, that also unblocks Geo-Restricted Content worldwide)

by Kashif Khan

NAVIA Device + ZenMate Premium VPN

NAVIA Device + ZenMate Premium VPN

NAVIA Device + ZenMate Premium VPN NAVIA Feature List (1) NAVIA Feature List (2) NAVIA 3D Printing Prototype


NAVIA protects you and all your wireless devices from online threats and cyber attacks, wherever you are. Now, you can say goodbye to insecure online surfing. NAVIA doesn’t require technical skills or training to be set up for use. NAVIA even offers 128GB encrypted flash storage, 13000+ mAh Lithium battery and 12 hours of recharging.

PUSH & PLAY (One- Time Setup)

You'll enjoy it in just 2 steps via an intuitive web app that can be accessed from any browser on any device.


NAVIA is powered by ZenMate®, one of the most well-known and rock solid VPN provider with 30+ server locations. Globally renowned brand backed by 37.6+ million users worldwide. It means, you will have in your hands the same technology to what big companies and government organisations use to protect their sensitive data. .


NAVIA provides secure web access whether it’s browsing, online buying or gaming. NAVIA vision is to shelter their users’ privacy in such a way they themselves feel no one able to track their Confidential Information, Private Conversations, Financial Data, Online Transactions, Medical History, Browsing Habits, Buying Pattern, Gaming Information and Demographics. Now you can say NO to IP Detection and Data Logs and Data Mining!

“Either you’re Traveler, Commuter, Online Worker, Designer, Freelancer, Coder, Entrepreneur, Journalist or Lawyer carrying sensitive information; NAVIA will be your online bodyguard, protecting you from online threats and help you bypass internet censorship”.

40 % discount is still on the roll; in order to inquire further how NAVIA would protect your Digital Activities (coming from both Online and Offline), access to cheaper prices via Online Shopping and enhance your Online Experience - log on to

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