Crowdfunding: Novel, Bladeless Wind Powered Generator Built, Tested and Verified

by HEWS Technologies
(Florida, USA)

HEWS Rooftop

HEWS Rooftop

HEWS Rooftop HEWS 12KW Beta (with or without integrated storage) HEWS 12KW Beta (cutaway view) HEWS Utility-scale concept

Novel, bladeless wind powered generator with ergonomic design delivers stable energy at a low cost that lets consumers compete with utility electricity rates today and hedge against rising cost in the future.

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The right balance of sustainable cost, safety, and efficiency offers consumers an opportunity to access and utilize on-site wind energy to effectively off-set their electricity bill today and hedge against rising utility rates in the future. High-Efficiency Wind System (HEWS) is a novel, bladeless wind powered generator that engages both potential and kinetic wind energy through a proprietary dual intake system and integrated components to deliver robust power performance at a sustainable cost of energy.

HEWS adds consumer value by helping end users reduce their reliance on utility electricity. Designed for optimal operating efficiency within on-site (distributed) micro, small, and medium scale plants (below 1MW capacity), HEWS effectively places wind energy in the hands of the consumer. Its ergonomic design and demonstrated performance in turbulent wind environments makes HEWS ideally suited for deployment in both urban and rural environments, including rooftop installation.

Four rounds of prototyping and extensive cost-breakdown analyses have demonstrated that HEWS can notably outperform conventional wind systems below 1MW capacity in distributed wind environments. According to our data, with a balanced cost and efficiency, HEWS is capable of delivering energy at 4-6 ¢/kWh for sites with rated average annual wind speeds between 5-7 m/s. Therefore HEWS has a competitive advantage in a 1GW market in which conventional systems are striving to compete against utility residential and commercial rates, ranging between 12.1¢/kWh and 10.4¢/kWh, at the currently offered Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) of 28 ¢/kwh and 10 ¢/kw, respectively.

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