"GVLD" Greater Visions Lie Deep

by Nathaniel Berry
(Detroit, MI)


My name is Nathaniel Berry and I am the CEO/Founder of GVLD also known as Greater Visions Lie Deep. I came up with this because there are many entrepreneurs who need more resources to become successful. I am hoping to open up office space that is helpful and affordable to other start ups and existing business. I am making this proposal to seek out the funds to do so. My main focus is securing the building and office equipment. I can do the rest as far as the carpentry and design. If I can raise up to $500,000 I feel that it would be enough to get things rolling very comfortably. I am willing to give equity. This is a start up process but me being the Chief of Operations with another business I see the demand for office suites and space therefore i know that this business will succeed. I am still in the process of registering. but I want to wait until I've found a solid location to have the business address. I am located in Detroit,MI I have taken tours of other office spaces and I am working on the Incentives to help market GVLD. I am also putting together an executive board to make sure that I have a solid team, most of which are college graduates. I am ready to get this thing going and with your assistance I feel that we can make this happen. $500,000 is my goal, however I am grateful for any funding that we may receive towards this wonderful endeavor. Thanks for your time!

Please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

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