Sesame project in Tanzania

by Daniel Gisiri
(Dar es salaam Tanzania)


This Sesame sector investment opportunity brief highlights the establishment of a Sesame processing facility to produce Sesame Oil. The processing capacity of the facility is assumed to be 25 MT/hour.

The total investment requirement is estimated at approximately $20,000,000 out of which $3,200,000 will be spent on purchase of processing machines and 13,000,000.00 for construction of grain silos in correcting centers between the regions of Tanzania, also the 20% as our contraption of the total project share. The Processing plant and grain silos will create employment opportunities for more than 200 individuals.


Sesame Seed is one the oldest oilseeds known to man. There are a number of health benefits that can be drawn from the oil extracted from Sesame Seeds. Some of the benefits include lower blood glucose level; lowering effects on blood pressure; lowering the level of Sodium in blood stream; skin benefits from antioxidants in Sesame Oil. Sesame Oil is either toasted or light Sesame Oil. Toasted Sesame Oil has a nutty flavor and is primarily used for seasoning, rather than cooking. On the other hand, the Light Sesame Oil is made from untoasted seeds while the flavor is mild. The latter is preferable for cooking, in comparison.
The ruminant cake after the Sesame Seed has been pressed is a high in demand animal feed component. Local animal feed processors are discouraged from utilizing the Sesame Oil Cake as a result of the high import cost from India where 95% of Tanzanian sesame seed is export for oil processing.


The Sesame Sector of Tanzania is dominated by raw Sesame Seed exporters as opposed to processors. There are currently more than 100 entities with a license to export Sesame while there are only three or few small scale industries that are actively engaged in sesame processing in Tanzania. However, there are no organizations that have engaged in Commercial production of Sesame Oil. The global Sesame Oil market is dominated by producers in China, India, Japan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

Despite the numerous health benefits of consuming Sesame oil, it has still not been adopted into the local cuisine. Rather, the edible oil that is available in the market includes Vegetable oil, Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil and others. As a result, the envisioned organization will be a pioneer in the sector opening the door to the higher value addition than is customary in the Sesame Sub-sector.

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