World University

by Kevin Ryall
(Gold Coast,Australia)

We have already seen the transfer of jobs from manual operators to robotics, automation and computers. The rapid expansion of Artificial Intelligence service providers will further strain the availability of jobs to the average person.

Throughout the world there are tens of millions of people who have started higher education courses, incurred debt and are now left with nothing but the debt.

There are equally tens of millions of people who need specific skills and knowledge to equip them for their current job, for advancement within the sector they work in or simply a foot on the ladder for the jobless.

Higher Education is not contained by region or country borders. Delivery of online courses can be regionally specific in content without being restricted in access.

World University is able to bring a globally recognized brand to a huge global market of persons wanting, needing and desiring an education program that will recognize their past efforts and experiences and prepare them for continuance and advancement in the sphere they currently work in or wish to work in.

We are seeking $3 million USD for the launch of World University and the marketing and academic support needed to make it successful.

We will not invest in property or development and production of course material. We will use both paid and free course materials on an individual basis from one of the growing number of providers.

Considerable research has been completed on marketing requirements to attract students. Equally considerable research and discussion has been completed with known global marketing experts.

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