Finding investors for the project "Spatial analysis and research of renewable energy potential"

by Petro Topylko
(Lviv, Ukraine)

Dear colleagues,
I'm Ukrainian researcher and PhD. Last seven years I have researched GHG emissions in energy sector. The scope of my professional interests are mathematical modeling and spatial analysis of GHG emission in electricity/heat production and spatial analysis of potential of renewable energy.
Today I would like to present my project "Spatial analysis and research of the renewable energy potential". The main idea of my project is to develop mathematical models that describe solar and wind energy potential in different parts of the planet, to develop appropriate tools that provide spatial analysis of the potential of renewable energy and to create spatial digital map of the renewable energy potential.
I use Indiegogo fundraising platform to implement the project. This way doesn’t work. And I need your help to fundrise or find investors.
I'm ready to cooperate with anyone who can help me with implementation of the project or can give practical advices how to find investors.

Please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this websit. Mention "Spatial analysis and research of renewable energy potential."

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