Investing in a Fuel Station

by Robert George

The Oil and Gas sectors have always shown promising lucrative returns in all parts of the world ever. Attractive and stable returns are assured in a City that has a record of astonishingly increasing volume of traffic in the last five years.

A promising Oil and Gas opportunity has been given to me by two of the leading Oil and Gas marketing companies in Nairobi Kenya.

I seek a private investor(preferably individual) interested in the Oil and Gas sectors to get into a negotiation on how we can best exploit opportunities in the Oil and Gas sectors in Nairobi Kenya. The higher the level of investment the better, but a minimum of US$200,000 is needed to startup.

I welcome persons with a natural strong passion of investing in the energy sector and would wish to get into detailed negotiations with a serious partner on how we can lay a formidable strategy on this business.

If you are interested and consider investing in the energy sector, please get back to me so that we can get into the details of what is required and how we can go about it.

Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

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