Lixiviation plant

by Jeff Jaynes
(Houston, TX USA)

We are looking to build a large lixiviation plant in Mexico. We have a very good location and have done all the tailing analysis, bottle roll test, size distribution tests. We have worked out a very good lease to own for a large property that holds millions of tons of tailings from colonial times which makes our rich raw material cost extremely low. One of the partners already owns and operates another plant for 5 years. We will be hiring a Canadian firm to build an active vat leaching system plant which can process 5,000 tons per day. We require $13 million to build the plant and start operations. We can do an equity deal or a debt deal. Equity deal we are offering 25% equity share, we estimate 16-25% ROI per year based on commodity pricing.

This is a simple business to understand. You take volume (x) mineral content(grams per ton) (x) % of extraction rate = production. We produce silver and gold that can easily be liquidated. We generate revenue from first day of operations.

If we do a debt deal we do require a grace period of 1.5 to 2 years to build and stabilize production.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be making a private offering very soon. If you like to be our primary funding source we welcome that arrangement.

Thank you

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