Opportunities/Renewable Energy in Europe

by Dr. Steffen


wir are looking for Investments in Energy Projects in Europe.
D-A-CH, Italy, Spain and other, without East-Europe.
Offers in Operation in Windfarms, PV, Hydro with legacy F.i.T.

Best regards
Dr. Dirk Steffen/WP

Please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website. Mention "Opportunities/Renewable Energy in Europe".

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A New Approach to Renewable Energy Financing
by: Anonymous

Hello Sir,

I will like to inquire if your project is still available and seeking funding???

I facilitate for a finance company in New York USA which provides They offer a unique and proprietary project financing programs for solar, waste-to-energy, wind, fuel cell and geothermal project developers seeking to finance for commercial (corporate or governmental) projects in excess of $500,000,000.

Their Financing Program offers a unique solution to transaction funding challenges faced by many renewable energy project developers. Our program provides long-term, low-cost financing for 100% of project costs and allows the project developer to control tax and other benefits of these transactions, without making an equity contribution to the project financing capital stack.


Their Financing Program can utilize Loan or Lease instrument, or transactions with a PPA from an investment grade off-taker, provided that the PPA can incorporate a floor payment provision.

Upon the closing of project financing, 100% of project financing proceeds are placed in the hands of a third-party Loan Trustee and the project developer may request loan draws on a weekly or monthly basis.

Construction period interest is funded as part of loan proceeds, and no debt service is payable until project completion and commencement of commercial operation. At that time, the project financing automatically converts to long-term (10 to 25 year) fully-amortizing debt.

As a single construction-to-permanent loan, this approach eliminates the need for the project developer to acquire separate construction and permanent financing and to pay duplicative financing and legal costs to two different lenders.


100% Project Cost Financing

No Equity Contribution Required From Developer

Long- Term, Fixed Rate, Low Cost Financing

Single Construction/Permanent Financing Structure

Financing term up to 25 years

Project Developer Retains All Tax Benefits

Tax-Exempt Financing Is Available


Refinancing and sale-leaseback financing for project developers with a desire to monetize their trapped project equity in renewable energy projects. The ability to recoup their invested capital along with an additional profit allows these funds to be deployed toward profitable new projects and allow the developer to increase their "transactional velocity".

In this approach, the existing project off-take agreements and stabilized cash flows are used for debt underwriting and in many cases the result is that the project developer can monetize more equity and/or actually offer to reduce the off-taker’s power or commodity pricing, based the low cost of funds provided by the Finance company.

These solutions also offer an excellent exit opportunity for Tax Equity investors in these projects, once the tax benefits have been fully-depleted.

Send executive summary of your project to proceed

Abdul Razak Harruna
Alfayi Co. Ltd.
Accra Ghana

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