Start Up Group of Companies in Cape Town SA - Hotels & Real Estate Investments 98%Ownership

by Shane

Seeking an interested investor / silent partner to invest in a new start up group of companies located in Cape Town, South Africa.

Company 1:
Hotel / Hospitality Investments
New Project for sale
Option 1: (approved plans from municipality)
- A beach front hotel project: purchase of beachfront serviced land, the sale of the land includes approved plans for 132 self catering flats, sizes range from studio apartments to 3 bedroom penthouses.
Option 2:(approved plans from municipality)
- to construct a fully hotel, with restaurant, bar and casino.
Option 3: (Plans in progress at municipality: not approved yet)
Development Sales: constructing the project with the main aim of building an apartment block and resell the flats in sectional units.

Company 2:
Real Estate Development Company: this company will be trading with a main aim of developing and construction - buy land, build and resell. Decreasing of unemployment rate.

Company 3:
Real Estate Services / Asset Management & Investing in Property
- Providing Real Estate Services (Sell, Manage & Rentals)to the public. This business will also provide services to our Real Estate Development, example: when we advertise a new development with units for sale, we will use our own agents so that the 'Commission payable for sale' stays in the group of companies and are not payable to other real estate companies. This Real Estate Company will also manage all our own properties / portfolio bought for investment purposes & building on a portfolio. This business will also include Asset Management / Mall Management for investment companies.

Company 4:
Investing in start ups / good return on investment businesses
- To purchase any businesses with excellent return on investment / to assist financial / loan services to excellent idea businesses for a % of ownership.

Company 5:
Non profit / foundation:
- All the listed above companies of the group will (after each financial year) donate a small % of profits to the foundation to help the less fortunate with medical & educational assistance, also to help provide the villages with clean water and many other important assistance that can help to make a difference to the less fortunate and villages.

Note: not all of the capital contribution received from the silent partner will be used, about 30% of the startup contribution will be kept in an 32 day notice investment bank account to gain monthly interest. This investment banking account's money will be saved for future growth / development capital / investment purposes...

The Silent partner / interested investor will receive 98% ownership of this group of companies for the capital contribution and the 2% will be kept my the founder / ceo (myself) as part of the daily management and growth of the companies. This ownership can be negotiated if interested in investing in 100% ownership.

Minimum Capital Required: U$ 25 Million

Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Investment opportunity only valid for a certain period. Act Fast


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